Biography of Saint Luis Rey

There are lives that are really wonderful, such is the case of San Luis Rey, being one of the most outstanding saints. Particularly, he has been known as the saint or patron of the so-called Potosians. On the other hand, there is also a day that is known as «The day of San Luis Rey». Although it is a mournful day, it tends to be celebrated in honor of the miracles he has been granting to his most fervent devotees and worshippers.

He had very important saints as contemporaries, among these they stand out: Saint Bonaventure and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Both were two celebrated saints who gave much to society from their particular abilities to the noblest of their hearts. Although each one had a particular life, they also had in common what would be their devotion and faith.

Who was San Luis Rey?

San Luis Rey was also known as Luis XI, his birthplace is in an area very close to Paris, which was known as Poissy. His birth is given for the date of April 25, 1214. By family, we can talk about his parents who were Louis VIII of France and Madame Blanche of Castile. Although he had an important love for the religious part and for the church, it could be known that he married after being crowned at the age of 22. His wife was Marguerite of Provence for the year 1227.

For his kingdom, the need to create new monasteries took a great support, at the same time, he also supported the religious orders that had to do with helping the most abandoned and helping all those who wanted to become part of the church.

Life of San Luis Rey

Once he was married to Marguerite de Provence in 1227, he was able to have a total of eleven children to whom he proved to be a father and a husband worthy of great respect and admiration. Although this was always the case, he never gave up that love he had for the church and which he maintained until the end of his days.

Louis the King undertook approximately two crusades that were destined for the town of Tunis and the town of Egypt, but unfortunately, it was the crusade he made towards Tunis that cost him his life.

Work of San Luis Rey

He was a man who belonged to one of the most important families, he was crowned, he also became a great family man. He had the opportunity to be an exemplary father of a total of eleven children, which meant a great challenge for her.

As a king he was able to help notoriously in the construction of extraordinary monasteries, at the same time that he also helped in other matters that were the responsibility of the church. In this way, he was not only a great king, but he could also help to further strengthen the religious features of the town.

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