Biography of Saint Martin Caballero

If a believer is looking for a job or to acquire a favor, it is normal to ask St. Martin Caballero, as he is considered the patron saint of work and opportunity. He has been a saint who has earned a prestigious place within the Catholic religion, but he has also done the same in other religions such as Christianity. Showing in this way that there is no difference and that the important thing is to do the miracle.

Many are the favors granted to Saint Martin Caballero, but mostly, the signs of faith that other people have with him, have to do because he was a man who is really kind, charitable and maintained a good sense of nobility; these were the little qualities that made many people could strengthen their belief and devotion. He is a patron to whom many people prayed for the prosperity of their business, but you could also see the interest in filling the hearts of these people with good feelings.

Who was Saint Martin Caballero?

In the year 316, San Martin Caballero or also known as San Martin de Tours was born. He was born and lived in a small area that much later became part of Hungary. His little family caused a lot of curiosity, since they were known as pagans and, at least about his father, many things were said because he was an officer who lived in the Roman army.

By the age of 15, he had to become part of the army of the empire, this followed by a strong Roman education that prepared him for what would later become his life.

Life of San Martin Caballero

Saint Martin Caballero’s life was always marked by his need of service and by those qualities we have already mentioned. Also, his decision to become a member of the army of the empire was superimposed on all this, which at the same time rewarded him by giving him a better character.

Among the many legends that are told about this saint, there is one that refers to the encounter he had with a homeless man in the street who was almost completely naked. It turned out that he gave half of his cloak to this homeless man and that same day at night he had the same dream in which Christ revealed to him that the one he had covered with his cloak had been him.

Work of Saint Martin Caballero

The life and work of Saint Martin Caballero was more than marked by all those desires he kept in his heart, but from a very young age he started taking the first steps toward what would be his denotation as a saint. We can say his participation in the army of the empire was necessary so that he could know which was his true way of service.

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