Biography of San Ramón Nonato

The very existence of St. Raymond Nonnatus is an absolute demonstration of the miracle. His story shows us that even when we think all is lost, chances are something will happen and we will discover how lucky we are. He was known as «unborn», taking into account that at the moment of delivery his mother dies a little before he could have been born, this being possible thanks to the support that the medical and professional staff came to provide.

San Ramón Nonato, had the opportunity to belong to an order that became known as the Mercedarios, which of course he did with the help and approval of his father since he was the responsible representative. As expected, San Ramón Nonato lived a beginning of a journey that would only be the preamble to all the extraordinary things he would have to do in life.

Who was St. Raymond Nonnatus?

The beginnings of San Ramón Nonato took place in Barcelona, Spain, precisely in a small town that was known as Portell. After what happened with his mother in his first years of life, everything was written so that Ramon’s life would not be completely normal, that is how he began in the order of the Mercedarios, this had a certain link with Saint Peter Nolasco.

Something that calls a lot of attention is that, approximately, two or three years later, it was possible to know that the virtues of Saint Ramón Nonato allowed him to succeed Saint Pedro Nolasco, something that was evident that could not be achieved in such a short time. This became possible thanks to the number of captives he was able to save or rescue in all that was his journey through different places.

Life of San Ramón Nonato

Although St. Raymond Nonnatus was left motherless and could not even meet her, this was not something that prevented him from fulfilling the mission of life that life had already arranged for him. We see this in the way he assumed the commitment that his virtues gave him.

It became known that Saint Ramón Nonato was declared the patron saint of pregnant women and the medical teams that help them, taking into account that the birth that allowed him to come to life was not at all simple and he is the representation that miracles do exist.

The work of Saint Ramón Nonato

The work of San Ramón Nonato has to do with the salvation of the slaves, this began to be realized since he was sent to Africa with the purpose of being able to rescue from slavery many people who lived a rather complicated life and in prison.

After he felt the call of the Lord, he could not stop a new mission that was given to him and was to start preaching Christianity, so without having how to continue rescuing slaves and knowing that in some places, preaching could be considered a cause for death penalty, he sought the means to continue doing it.

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