Biography of St. John the Baptist de Lasalle

St. John the Baptist de Lasalle, had many things in his favor and, at the same time, was a man who struggled to transform the realities of each person with whom he got. Perhaps it was because of this spirit that he was considered one of the greatest thinkers in the educational world that could have existed at that time. On the other hand, he was also given what was considered a religious order that was known as the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

He was a man who had to go through many situations, both good and bad, in order to understand what life had in store for him. It was precisely, after all this that by the year 1888 for February that his beatification is given and by the year 1900, two years later is that his canonization occurs. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle was his first name.

Who was Saint John Baptist de Lasalle?

Of course, Jean-Baptiste de La Salle is known as Saint John Baptist de Lasalle, who was the son of Nicolle Moët de Brouillet, his father being Monsieur Louis de La Salle. Among his most important thoughts, there was one that alluded to the fact that both men and boys bore some reason and that this should not be a cause to be corrected like beasts, but that they should be corrected if necessary, like reasonable persons.

This man was born on April 30, 1651, in the country of France. His family were jurists, so it can be said that they had the necessary accommodation not to feel the pressures of various needs that could be seen at that time.

Life of St. John the Baptist de Lasalle

After the sad death of his parents, he is forced to take care of everything related to his family’s assets, including administration. He dedicated himself to study completely what is known as theology and it was after this that he decided to become a priest for which he was ordained on April 9, 1678.
He continued with his studies and that is why some time later he reached the degree of Doctor of

Theology. This was one of the most important achievements of his life. Later, it was known that he maintained his interest in teaching the poorest children. He had the opportunity to found the first normal school or teacher’s college that served to provide training to all those who wanted to be teachers.

Work of San Juan Bautista de Lasalle

Although he was a very well-to-do man, his humble side led him to form great schools and not to leave aside his desire for teaching, especially for those people who were of low income. His death came in 1719 in the town of Rouen.

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