How much does it cost to put a Tile Roofing?

When the time comes to change the roof of a house or install the roof for the first time during construction, shingles are one of the most used options. The reason is that it allows the family to choose between prices adapted to all budgets, offers multiple image options for the house (it is known that the roof is a fundamental part of the image of the house), as well as different environments depending on the type of tile chosen. Read more about Tile Roofing.

Among the most used materials are asphalt tiles. This is due to their price, since they cost an average of $9,000 with installation included. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are a bit hot but, if you live in a very cold area, that becomes a nice extra for the home.

Wooden tiles are in a medium range of $16,000 – $23,000 and people like their image a lot, it is an intermediate option for those whose budget is not so big but not so limited either. On the other hand, clay tiles, which range from $23,000 – $34,000, are a slightly more expensive option but very sought after because of the beauty they add to the home, as well as having a longer life.

How many tiles fit into one square meter of roof?

The number of tiles per square meter will vary according to the size of the tiles, so it is complicated to give a standard figure, but in the most used sizes we have that with tiles of 265 mm x 165 mm, 60 tiles are needed to cover one square meter correctly, in the calculation we do not take into account structural details that protrude from the roof or sink into it and would imply using more tiles.

How do you calculate the number of tiles for a roof?

The first thing is to calculate the length of the roof (not the house), this is done by calculating the width by the length. For example, if your roof is 10 meters long by 10 meters long, the length is 100 square meters. Once this measurement is known, we evaluate what type of tiles we will use, in case it is the standard 265mm x 165mm, we already know that it is 60 tiles per square meter, this number we multiply by the length of the roof and according to the amount of tiles that each box brings (this is how they are normally available), we make the final calculation.

Note: It is always advisable to have an extra 5% of tiles to cover any accident or failure at the time of installation.

How do I install colonial tiles? What are the steps to follow?

Colonial tiles have been designed and improved over time, so the first step is to ensure that the support or lower structure is sufficiently resistant.

  1. Place a row of tiles whose channel will rest on the structure, with the concavity facing upwards, so that it can receive the two tiles from the sides along the entire row. Then continue in the same order, placing one row next to the other.
  2. The next step is to fix the tiles with steel nails that secure them to the structure’s slats below.
  3. Finally, place the tiles with the concavity facing downwards, which will end up in a row fitted between the ends of two rows of the previous tiles, so that the roof is completely covered.


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